Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

Well, in our opinion, we are better… But objectively here are a few things we can do for you that other coaches can not:

-Individuality. We can individualize the program for the type of jumper you are, your strengths and weaknesses, injuries, and other personalized changes that are required.

-Experience. We have worked with pro, collegiate, high school, and developmental athletes. It doesn’t matter if you have a 45 inch vertical or a 10 inch vertical, we’ve consulted or coached an athlete just like you to maximize their performance. 

-Education. Both of us have a formal education in sport science, but that isn’t the only reason why you should hire us. Combined, we have thousands of hours mentoring and learning from some of the best coaches in the entire world. This includes some of the worlds highest jumpers and most elite dunkers, as well as the coaches that helped them get to that point. Further, we are always up to date on the newest research, even the stuff that isn’t even published yet!

-Network. Our network is HUGE. Not only is it huge, but we are also very selective about who is a part of that network. The best analogy I can give you is a 3 star Michelin chef. These chef’s are the absolute best in the world, but they understand that where they get their ingredients is as important if not more important than being able to cook with them. These chefs had to use their expertise to figure out who the best suppliers of their ingredients are, and trust them to deliver in an area that they might not be the best in themselves. That is how we view our network. 

-Technique. Simply, we know a lot about a lot of things. This includes understanding the minute details in technique for Olympic weightlifting, sprinting, one foot jumping, two foot jumping, cutting, high jump, long jump, and triple jump. If if relates to jumping, we’ve mastered how to coach it. 

-Efficacy. What we do works. If we can’t help you jump higher, it is likely that no one can. Not saying that we won’t help you jump higher, but we leave no stones unturned. We have hundreds of success stories of athletes breaking through plateaus to new levels of athleticism. To be honest, we get the toughest cases, athletes who have been training for years and were not able to improve their vertical on a number of other programs. Our job is to take these athletes and make them better, and by and large, we do that. 

-Coaching. We don’t just give you a program. We give you a coach. As a result you are on our team, and being a part of our team means we want you to win. You can be certain we are going to do our best to make sure you succeed. 

The simplest answer is this: practice jumping. From years of research in human performance, we know that the best way to get better at something is to do more of it. You can observe this in every sport at every level of play. Obviously jumping is a bit different in that there are certain output requirements necessary to be dunk  (speed, strength, flexibility, tendon stiffness, etc…). Our answer? Purchase coaching! It is what we specialize in! Our life’s work has been dedicated to answering that question, we’ve largely figured it out! 

Assuming you’ve been cleared to perform resistance training and play basketball, nope! We have clients of all ages, and some of our most dedicated athletes are considerably older. We even have a few who are in their mid 50s and still seeing lifetime bests in strength, power, and speed every month! 

Ideally a weight room and an open area to run and jump. If you don’t have access to these, we do have alternatives. Let us know and we can cater the program to what you DO have. 

Once you sign up and pay, Isaiah and I will receive details about your training background, strengths and weaknesses, and other information that will help us write your program. You will then receive information about how to download the app, including your login information.

Every exercise has a corresponding video. This is a great place to start, as the best way to learn to do something is to practice it. Watch the video, and do your best to replicate it. If you still don’t feel comfortable, let us know and we can give you an alternative. 

We get it. After years and years of training, we have experienced almost every injury related to jump training. Although this was frustrating at the time, it equipped us with the knowledge we needed to help ourselves. This includes muscle strains, tendon injuries, meniscus and ligament tears, back injuries, etc… If it’s something outside of our scope, we will be honest with you and recommend you see a doctor! 

Yes. We are really good at it. So good at it our efficacy is about 98% when it comes to return to training with patellar, achilles, and quadriceps tendonopathy. 

There is no refund policy, but you will be able to cancel the training at any time.

Just message us and we will immediately process your request.