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We give you the best jump training out there. This includes anyone from a beginner who has never touched a weight room, the most elite athletes on the planet, athletes with knee pain, and even athletes with no equipment access! NOBODY has our level of personalization in writing jump programs, and they are updated EVERY week based on your needs.


You will have the ability to send us videos for technique help in lifts and jumps, ask questions, and keep us updated on how your training is going! This alone is worth the price of the online coaching and our service to you the athlete is unmatched.

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John Evans

I love science because it reflects the truth. This is the driver for every decision I make in regards to coaching and training. I want the absolute best training, and not just because someone said it was the best, but because it is actually the best.

Over the last 13 years, I have studied the science that underlies human performance. It has always been my dream to be knowledgeable enough to take average athletes and turn them into athletic freaks. Everything I do is underpinned by science.

I have an undergraduate and masters degree in sport science, and have spent thousands and thousands of hours mentoring and interning under the best track coaches in the world, an entire sport underpinned by athleticism. My training works, and as a result I have been lucky enough to help incredible jumpers get even better. 

Isaiah Rivera

My two biggest passions in life are dunking, and teaching others. Growing up I was always obsessed with jumping and dunking, and eventually was able to turn that obsession into a career as a professional dunker! However, early in my career I became plagued with knee issues.


Luckily I met my friend and now fellow coach John Evans, who used his expertise to get rid of my knee tendinopathy and later took my jumping to the next level. He saw my willingness to learn and mentored me, teaching me everything he knew about training. I have now been able to coach countless people to jump higher and pain-free, all the while winning dunk contests all over the planet!


I have also obtained a bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science from the University of Central Florida, which has further aided me in being able to share my knowledge. 

Connor Barth

Ever since I started playing basketball my dream was jumping high and dunking!

Flash forward over 15 years and I have become one of the best in the world. I have spent years learning and teaching what I have learned. Now I have joined the 2 people I know share this passion as much as I do. My goal is to bring as much of our knowledge to you in the most digestible way possible! I have trained thousands of people with many getting their first dunks!

My goal is to train everybody on this planet who wants to dunk. That way everyone can feel the joy I feel jumping and dunking pain-free! With us three now a team there is no group on the planet better suited to coach you to your potential and beyond!